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Praise for Passionate Lives & Leaders

"Jim Lucas has taken the issue of 'a Passionate Organization' head on. There are lots of self-proclaimed experts out there pitching passion as a differentiator, but Jim owns that space. His research and writings set him apart from 'all the rest'... Jim's work around passion and organization make his return engagements a priority in capturing the magic of organizational greatness." - Pete Luongo, Executive Director, The Center for Leadership and Executive Development at the University of Dayton

"When a leader gets to a point where his or her most significant satisfaction comes from seeing others in the team be successful, that is a sign of the best leader. When the leader is not interested in plugging themselves, saying 'see, here's what I did' or 'see how my team worked together to effectively come up with this solution,' you're there... you have arrived when it really doesn't make much of a difference who gets the accolades for the effort." - Dan Cole, Senior VP, Administration, Ameren Energy, Fuels, and Services

“You can feel it in the air. From the receptionist to the CEO, there is a feeling of purpose in a passionate organization. People are working not for money or for the boss, but because they are truly excited about their contribution to a great purpose. Only when the passion is focused on a clearly defined and understood VMVB will it help the team to flourish. When there is a clearly understood VMVB, the tension of opposing ideas becomes an accepted creative force, as opposed to a dividing line between factions.” - Kurt McCaslin, President and General Manager, Anadarko Brazil

“The real art is taking all those varied opinions, thoughts, and ideas about this problem or this issue or this project and having a leadership approach that assimilates them into…this stew. You have this wonderful dish you are cooking, but if you say, “We are not going to allow that passion,” and you avoid this spice and that ingredient, then you end up with a bland bowl of water. It’s the expert chef that knows how to combine ideas together.” - Jim Faletti, President, Strategic Insights, Inc.

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