The Influence Principle

PLL Book Eight
Communicating & Coaching to Ignite Passion
About The Book:

Maybe you’re looking for someone who can show you how to improve your game—your skills, your relationships, or your approach to your life experience.

Maybe you’re passionate about a strength you’ve developed, and you want to help someone else move forward. Or maybe you’re leading an organization and you know how foolish it would be to let the passions of your most accomplished people leave the organization when they do.

This forward-thinking manual will show you how to produce communication that counts—communication that multiplies the value rather than volume of information traveling through your organization. Next, learn how to select the right coaches and mentors, how to make their efforts effective, and how to multiply passion throughout an organization by building practical coaching mechanisms.

"People like to understand what's going on, and they also like to be involved in questioning and answering, 'Hey, is this the right thing to do?' Being able to interact with people face-to-face and creating a very positive type of work environment where issues can be debated and collaboration takes place – that just adds to that ethos of passion." – Matt Herzberg, SPHR, Vice President, Human Resources, Express Scripts Inc.

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Authors: Lucas, Hotsenpiller

Format: Softcover

Pub. Date: December 2015

Pub: Quintessential Books

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First Edition

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