The Reality Principle

PLL Book Seven
Exploiting Change & Crisis with Courage & Passion
About The Book:

No organization escapes challenges forever. Even the greatest eventually face change and crisis. But difficulty is a gift, a chance not just to survive but to exploit challenges with the power of passion.

This booklet provides 10 keys for building a reality-based organization, an organization that relentlessly faces daunting facts and processes them into sources of competitive advantage. And if your organization is up against the wall, this essential handbook will show you how to convert a crisis mindset into a quest for vital truth, how to use crisis to increase the passion of your people, and how to make the counterintuitive moves that will bring your organization out of crisis stronger than ever.

"In difficult times, people need hope. It's a fundamental human need. Leaders who can connect the future to their organization achieve that element of hope in their leadership." — Greg Daily, President, Alvarion, Inc., North America

"Risk isn't like wine. It doesn't get better with age. The leadership sets a lot of the norms of the group: is it ok to bring bad news forward? Encourage people to bring risk forward as soon as possible. We have to meet the overall goal of putting out the fire." — John Bade, Ph.D., Director of Strategic Development, The Boeing Company

"Lucas puts the choices right out there: We can try to live a life built on illusion, or we can go after what we really need—truth." — Lee G. Bolman, Ph.D., Marion Bloch/Missouri Professor of Leadership, Henry W. Bloch School of Management, University of Missouri-Kansas City

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Authors: Lucas, Hotsenpiller

Format: Softcover

Pub. Date: August 2015

Pub: Quintessential Books

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First Edition

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