The Confidence Principle

PLL Book Six
Discovering Your Life's Passion & a Place to Live It
About The Book:

Imagine this party invitation: “Come as you are three years from today.” What would you want to be? What will it take for you to live a life of meaning? Wherever you are in your journey–just starting out or evaluating an established career – this booklet will help you create a practical plan to identify—and start doing—what you love.

As a person of passion, you belong in an organization, and on a team, that shares your unwavering devotion to pursuing that passion. This hands-on guide will also show you how to recognize and fill a place within the organization or team that aligns with your passions, how to avoid the places that will try to stifle your passion, and how to make a great match work.

"My life changed when I realized that who I am and what I love doing is not a mistake. Until then I didn't realize that not only could work be fun, it was meant to be fun….I started thinking of myself as a person with gifts, and went looking for the best place to use those gifts." – Maureen Anderson, Host, The Career Clinic® radio program

"Because of the pressure on some of the commissioners, they get worn down. Jim was able to re-generate their interest and passion in their organization that they may have had when they first were appointed, realigning them with why they got in the business to begin with. And they had a lot of energy and a lot of creative ideas." – Bruce Muller, Assistant Director, Bureau of Training, New York State Office of Child and Family Services

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Authors: Lucas, Hotsenpiller

Format: Softcover

Pub. Date: Summer 2012

Pub: Quintessential Books

Edition Description:

First Edition

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