The Performance Principle

PLL Book Five
Delivering Results Through the Power of Passion
About The Book:

Everyone talks about “high performance,” but higher than what? Higher than whom? Here we introduce the principle of Pure-Performance™, where it’s either about performance or it isn’t about anything. Instead of comparing your organization with peers or past results, you see how to compare it with potential.

This powerful little book describes the identifying marks of pure performance and hands you ten keys for building a Pure-Performance Organization™. You will discover the 8 Keys to Intelligent Growth™, and learn how to replace “empowerment” with Powersharing™ to achieve your goals.

"Jim Lucas is a man of great integrity and a man that expresses passion in a way that every business needs to understand. When Jim joins you in a partnership to help a company meet its vision and mission, you will get Pure-Performance™ from Jim Lucas." – Terry Swift, CEO, Swift Energy

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Authors: Lucas, Hotsenpiller

Format: Softcover

Pub. Date: January 2011

Pub: Quintessential Books

Edition Description:

First Edition

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