The Paradox Principle

PLL Book Four
How Passionate Leaders Merge Competing Ideas
About The Book:

Competing ideas are everywhere. Even the smart people on your team hold passionate differences of opinion. This booklet provides a breakthrough approach to merging those competing ideas to generate value and produce commitment.

It shows how having a passion for seeing both sides of so many important issues – can I be creative and disciplined, zealous and open to correction, focused and listening for input – is a place where leaders and organizations can really carve out a unique message.

"The real art is taking all those varied opinions, thoughts, and ideas about this problem or this issue of this project and having a leadership approach that assimilates them into this... stew. You have this wonderful dish you are cooking, but if you say, 'we are not going to allow that passion,' and you avoid this spice and that ingredient, then you end up with a bland bowl of water. It's the expert chef who know how to combine ideas together." - Jim Faletti, President, Strategic Insights, Inc.

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Authors: Lucas, Hotsenpiller

Format: Softcover

Pub. Date: Mar 2010

Pub: Quintessential Books

Edition Description:

First Edition

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